Internet of Things (IoT).


Author - Sungam sir

What is IoT?

BInternet of Things (IoT) is referred to the network of devices like smart phones, tablets or digital machines through Internet. These includes all the devices that works with a sensor on it whether it’s a mechanical machine, any kind of engine or even a common wearable. These entities has the ability to transfer data on itself through a network without the involvement of any human identity. In this type of technology, the dependency on Human Interactions is negligible and it works on Machine to machine Interactions more commonly known as M2M technology.

Is it Possible?

Some people might even complain that it’s against the nature or there will be a lot negative or adverse effects of the technology which could even make the computers superior to us. For their knowledge, IoT isn’t a new concept. IoT’s large number of applications can be widely found in the Building Management, Healthcare or the Hospitals, Energy Sector or in Transportation like the SIT or the Self Inflating Tires technology which is almost similar to IoT. The concept isn’t a new term and has been existing since the late 1990s. In the year 1980, world’s first Internet Connectivity appliance was made which was basically a coke machine that used to work over the Internet and giving the status that whether there will be Cold drink available in the machine helping them to take decision that whether they have to make a journey to the machine or not.